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First Grade Wetlands Community Mural.

What we learned...

First grade have been learning about the Ballona Wetlands in West LA in class, they visited them and told me about the things they had seen there. They then created this colorful mural to represent the Ballona Wetlands and some of the wildlife they saw on their school trip. We also learned learned about collaborative art, which is when several artists work together on the same piece.

What we did....

We worked collaboratively!

First of all we made a background using a large variety of materials and collage techniques, we thought about texture and color whilst doing this.

Next we made drawing of ducks using a directive drawing/I do, you do technique, paying close attention to form, color and contour.

The stems of the flowers were made by blowing ink to create an organic line. The yellow petals were printed using acrylic paints.

Finally we made symmetrical butterflies, oh and don’t forget the lily pads!

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