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I'My Experience.....

Throughout my life both art making and meditation have been ways to connect with my self and the world. Sometimes personal and sometimes, a way to share and communicate.


Meditation and expressive art making are a journey of discovery into my being, nature and relationship to other and to life.


Encouraging, facilitating and bearing witness to this process in others drives my work as a psychotherapist and has lead to the rich and full experience I have had during my career so far.




I graduated, lectured and supervised at one of the leading Universities for Art Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom. I have 6 years experience working as an Art Therapist across diverse settings including adult mental health, children's and families's services and within the school system.  I am registered with the UK Health Care Professionals’ Council, which means that my standards of practice are checked. I am also supervised weekly by an American Registered Art Therapist.  


 I have worked as an art psychotherapist since 2007 and have rich experience working in a variety of settings. During my career in London I worked in schools, family centers and charities with diverse communities and families. In Los Angeles I worked in adult trauma treatment centers and drug and alcohol Rehabs. I have trained extensively in a variety of therapeutic models including, IFS, DBT, MBT and have a particular passion for  trauma informed and mind-body approaches. I currently work in the NHS in acute psychiatric treatment and also have a private practice from my home in Bristol.

All of this rich experience and is currently being consolidated by my training in Core Process Psychotherapy, a mindfulness based approach to psychotherapy with an emphasis on connecting to ourselves, each other and life itself.

I work in a sensitive manner, taking lead from my clients and working adaptively utilising training and theory to fit the person's needs and working at their pace and depth. 


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