I'My Experience.....

Throughout my life art making has been a way to express and reflect. Sometimes it is personal and sometimes, a way to share and communicate.


Art making is my process, my diary and my rock.


Encouraging, facilitating and bearing witness to this process in others drives my work as an Art Therapist and has lead to the rich and full experience I have had during my career so far.




I graduated, lectured and supervised at one of the leading Universities for Art Psychotherapy in the United Kingdom. I have 6 years experience working as an Art Therapist across diverse settings including adult mental health, children's and families's services and within the school system.  I am registered with the UK Health Care Professionals’ Council, which means that my standards of practice are checked. I am also supervised weekly by an American Registered Art Therapist.  


During my career in London I worked in schools, family centers and charities with diverse communities and families. In Los Angeles I worked at Adult Trauma Treatment Centers and Drug and Alcohol Rehabs. 

I always tailor my work to fit the context, culture and convenience of the people I work with. I am willing to travelling to clients and set up 'portable' Art therapy studios. I work in a very flexible and adaptive, manner with human connection at the heart of my work.